Reputable, Veteran owned business since 1986.

Machines designed, built and/or retrofitted include CNC: waterjets, plasma tables (burn tables),  winding machines, milling machines,  boring machines, lathes &VTL's, lasers,  specialty production welders,  specialty multi-head routers,  routers for plastics and wood, engravers, grinders, and other special purpose machines including the largest to date, a 65,000 lb machine used for synthetic, industrial, diamond insert testing, turning a 6,000 lb block of granite. It is based on a rebuilt and retrofitted, post WWII (late 40's model), Cincinnati Hypro VTL. The X axis was mechanically retrofitted using a surplus, Boeing 747, landing gear ballscrew. A Fagor 8025 lathe control was used in conjunction with oversized Baldor AC servo drives and motors. The machine leads the industry in synthetic diamond testing. Another specialty machine loads hollow balls for mass producing Hydrogen fuel cell pellets. It is a fully automated, 3-axis (2 linear, 1 rotary) CNC. It loads hollow balls (sort of like heavy ping pong balls), one at a time, on to a 60 position rotary platen, drills a small hole in the top and Injects molten Sodium. The balls cool as the rotary platen indexes them, 6 degrees at a time, around to the glue station where they are sealed by a 2 axis, CNC, hot glue station. The machine then ejects the finished Hydrogen ball into a box, completing the process. It is controlled by a PC based control in conjunction with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Yet another special purpose machine is a 4-axis bullet slug grooving saw. It has 5 precision spindles, 4 axes and 3 independent control programs, written in 3 different languages that all talk to each other to insure proper timing of the movement of the gang of cutting saws, the 10 actuating air valves and their 10 associated air cylinders that load the bullet slugs into cutting position as well as the precision spindles that pinch the bullet slugs then rotate them as they are cut radially. The whole sequence takes 2 seconds per part and requires no human interaction. The video of the machine in operation can be seen on the machines page of this site.

Other machines produced are used for mold making, making earth drilling bits, splitting earth drilling tubes, making aerospace parts, automotive parts, medical parts, designer picture mats, carbon filament winding machines, and a myriad of other parts, products and applications.