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Complete manufacturing from the ground up using state of the art techniques



5' x 18' 4 axis winding machine  
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CNC Pick & Place station
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16-Head Dual Table, CNC Router  

CNC Lathe

knee mill

CNC Knee Mills


Diamond Tool Test Bed, CNC VTL 

CNC Hard-Facing Laser Welder

CNC Laser Zirconium Bar-Coder

CNC Laser Tube Splitter

4-Axis CNC Grinder

CNC Press Brake

Hydrogen Fuel Sodium ball Filler

4' x 9' CNC router

Bolt-On CNC Lathe

8-Head CNC Router

CNC Router Subassembly

16-head, 4-axis closed-loop CNC router with dual indexable tables.


5 Spindle, 4-axis CNC bullet slug grooving machine

4-axis, rotary CNC sodium ball filler and sealer