CNC, Hydrogen fuel cell Sodium ball filler feeds hollow plastic balls, drills hole in ball, fills it with molten sodium, cools the sodium and seals the hole with hot glue




16 head, dual indexable tables, CNC router, cuts artistic openings in multi-thickness mat board: produces 6,400, 8"X10" matts per 8 hour shift



8 headed cnc router.


5 Spindle CNC saw cuts radial grooves in bullet slugs from .170" to .585" at 30 parts per minute





Production CNC welder makes mine support shackles. The other robotic welder used in the process is a retrofitted knee mill that is not shown.



Laser Zirconium barcoding machine




Laser tube splitting machine splits drilling tubes



Rotary laser hardfacing machine welds Tungsten dust on to earth drilling bits to reduce wear